You are not alone if you own a mobile app. Both Apple app store and Google play have got a channel to host around one million apps. In a market so crowded, only a little fraction of successful apps emerges from less established or new publishers. Acquisition of mobile users has turned more expensive, competitive and complicated. We provide you five easy steps you need to take to make your app raise above all the competition. 1) Try all channels of customer acquisition There are a wide range of channels of customer acquisition like social media advertising, advertising within the app and also paid search on mobiles. Try everything and check out which channel might work best in your favour for particular business needs. Know that a single campaign can’t indicate the whole category of promotional strategies of website design, know more at Trial and error could be frustrating. However, that is one way you’ve got to find out proper match of approach for your own business. 2) Maintain a track! Before you get into various channels of customer acquisition, you need to ensure that your infrastructure of tracking is intact. You must plan to track in a manner of a closed loop. This implies you should track what channels provide actual users. Only tracking clicks and impressions could be greatly insufficient as only few convert into active participants. Impressions and clicks have very little correlation between them and conversion of customers. Get rid of the habit of guesswork and track all the way to completion as to what specific campaigns and channels offer real customers. 3) Don’t be done only with installations You need to keep a track on activities post installation as well. You should know what set of customers don’t just install your app, but also engage with them. Those users who actively use your app, like finishing a tutorial or getting into various levels of a game, can be of more worth to you than users who install your app but never get engaged. This happens because even the users who engage themselves also give away to impressions. This offers advertising of opportunities to monetize if at all you choose to put up ads on the app. Keep updating your app as well! 4) Obtain customers through ROI Don’t just concentrate on users of high value as even users of low value and profitable deals of SEO. Both sets of customers are equally profitable and acquire more from both types of customers. 5) Only pay for genuine performance It is quite common for developers of the app to deal with costs of acquisition of customers which are too high. You should decrease that risk from the campaigns by only paying the customers on the basis of their performance. As mentioned earlier, clicks and impressions can’t alone predict the performance. Hence, you must choose to pay customers depending on measures that are risk free. These steps can make a lot of difference in building a proper relationship with the users of your app that is both profitable and enduring!