In a short period, outdoor banners can be used for several people. Don’t limit your thinking to the people and cars who pass by your storefront daily. Assume that your banners will be flying freely at trade shows, sales meetings, conventions, and conferences, as well as at sporting events and on the school campus.

Aside from selecting the right message and location, picking the right type of exterior banner is also critical. Fortunately, a wide range of banner materials is available to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Five products that stand the test of time while also being versatile and mobile are highlighted below.


Vinyl is common for “Coming Soon” or “Now Open” outdoor banners in melbourne on commercial buildings. They are ideal for transitional signage, special events, and temporary signage due to their low production costs.

To save on material, vinyl banners are designed and created with the digital technology using a comparatively bigger printer. Vinyl banners also have the advantage of being printed on both sides, allowing you to get more for your money.

  1. Meshed outdoor banners

If you’ve ever driven by a commercial construction site and noticed large exterior banners, you’ve likely seen mesh banners in action. Because they’re usually hung from scaffolding or chain-link fencing, your banner won’t act as a sail and take your fence on a trip across town.

Due to their ability to let light and sound pass through, mesh banners are ideal custom made signs for outdoor events like concerts and festivals. Mesh banners, while more expensive, are built to last in adverse weather conditions. As a result, they’re ideal if you plan on keeping your banners up for an extended period.

  1. PVC self-adhesive outdoor BANNERS

As the name implies, self-adhesive vinyl banners are completely detachable and an excellent way to make a big impact on your storefront. These banners, which are self-adhesive and made of thin vinyl, are both flexible and adaptable. They’re heat and water-resistant, so they’re perfect for storefronts that need to withstand the elements. The best part is that they’re affordable, so they’re a great addition to any marketing campaign.


A pattern of round evenly spaced holes perforates window perf banners, also known as see-through vinyl or one-way vision film. Outside light can pass through the holes, but the view from the outside is partially obscured, while those within can still see out.

Retail storefront displays, vehicle windows, and office glass make good places to hang window perf banners. The durability and functionality of this material make it a top pick. To be on the safe side, avoid using this banner if you’re using a small font type because of the small holes.


When it comes to durability and weight, Dibondc custom made signs in melbourne are hard to beat because they have a foam core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. They can also be cut, curved, or bent into any shape, making them incredibly versatile.