Most business owners do not understand the importance of branding and they do not understand the difference between marketing, advertising and branding. Many people falsely believe that these are the same thing when in fact they are three completely different things that all need to be focused on and given equal attention. Most people in business sadly tend to neglect the branding aspect of their business and therefore never really manage to build up their brand. There is a lot more to branding that meets the eye because branding is about giving a personality to your business. It is about letting your customer know who you and your business are and the type of business that you are. It is about giving your brand name and your logo an identity of its own so that people will feel some sort of sentimental value when they buy your product.

Branding strategies

When you start your new business, you need to have a thorough and well thought out branding strategy from the first day of your business to make sure that you are getting your brand in to people’s minds and making them understand your brand. You can have smaller branding events like competitions and events where you can gift the winners with unique promotional tote bags with your logo and branding on them to bigger branding events. If you were to look at the advertisements of some of the biggest brands in the world, you will notice that they do not focus heavily on the product that they are selling you but instead focus on the branding and how you will feel when you use their brand. One good example for this is the Apple advertisements for the iPod, you will notice that they do not focus on the iPod itself but will focus on how they as a brand want you to feel when you use their products.

Smaller branding events of course include giving away promotional caps, branded tee shirts and other merchandise to people to make them remember your brand. If they are constantly wearing a tee shirt with your logo and brand name on it, not only will they remember your brand but they will also be displaying it to other people they meet and people they interact with on a daily basis. They key should be to have people interact with and see your brand name as often as possible in order to familiarize themselves with your brand, your logo and your identity as a brand.